Yum Yum Crayfish Bum

What's the best thing to order in Anguilla? Crayfish every time.

Crayfish are undoubtedly the most decadent, delicious, gourmet delight offered up by Anguilla’s waters. If asked to recommend a local specialty to a foodie or someone who loves seafood – Anguilla’s indigenous crayfish is a sure fire winner.

People may think they want Lobster, assuming the more famous and normally more expensive ‘cousin’ is bound to be better. But those who know better – know to recommend crayfish. They may be smaller in stature but they are way bigger in flavor. They are sweeter and juicier too and who can argue with that.

My favorite way to eat? On Prickly Pear, with my mate Sue, fresh from the sea, spit and steamed with lots of salted butter and little garlic. First I eat the bodies, quickly and greedily – then I spend as long as it takes to get all the remaining flesh out of the tiny claws and hidden crevices.

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