My first novel is called Endless Turquoise – I describe it as a ‘feel good romance with hidden depths’.


Two people travel separately to a tiny Caribbean island with wildly different expectations …

Tracy, a funny, feisty businesswoman in her forties, comes to paradise to investigate a shocking family secret. Expecting the worst, she instead falls madly for a charming fisherman. Is it just a holiday romance or could it – should it – last?

Beautiful Charlotte should be having the time of her life on her dream honeymoon – but isn’t. And when she finds out why, her self-confidence and faith in the future are destroyed. Will the island help her heal?

Take a holiday from real life and voyage to Zephyr, a Caribbean idyll, replete with stunning beaches, luxurious hotels and comic cultural exchanges.

Then, journey on to London and the bucolic British countryside, as both women grapple with what they need to do next, to live their best lives.

Endless Turquoise is a delightful and inspirational beach read and is the first book in a series of colourful, humorous and inspirational romance novels set in gorgeous destinations.

PICTURE CREDIT: This beautiful illustration is one of the potential cover options created for the book by my talented cover artist, Esme Mackenzie.

Like the sound of it? You can purchase either a paperback or ebook version of Endless Turquoise here.