I am very happy to share that the audio book version of Endless Turquoise is now available wherever you get your audio books.


My first foray into audio came about because Mandy Bossons (of Roy’s Bayside Grill fame) wanted to get my book, but said she only listened to audio books these days and pointed out she’s not the only one. Currently audio is the fastest growing area in book publishing.

Mandy told her friend Tshari King aka TK, a professional sound engineer with roots in Anguilla, that I should do an audio version. TK got in contact and we met for breakfast at Anguilla Great House. We had a super conversation about how to make an audio book, and, to cut a good chinwag short, that day, to my good fortune she told me a) she loved Endless Turquoise and b) she would love to help me record my audio book and c) my voice could possibly work – no guarantees. We booked a trial recording session at the Anguilla Music Academy. On that day I had as she suggested refrained from eating dairy and brought along plenty of hot tea in a thermos. TK got the mic set up just right and kept me calm. The session went better than expected and I narrated, and she recorded, 30 pages in two hours. After hearing the first day’s recording, TK felt confident that I could do it and we went on to record the whole book which worked out at about 20 hours over six sessions.

I loved working with TK. She is brilliant at what she does. For me, narrating was at first nerve -racking, then overwhelming (it seemed a lot to invest – not only in the time doing the reading but also paying for the studio), then frustrating (because you spot things in the book when you read it out that make you want to change things) and finally fun – because TK made it so. She took my nerves and soothed them with her calm and thoughtful direction. She made me believe I could do it and the reason this audio book sounds as good and professional as it does is because of her. She held my hand (figuratively) from behind her recording console. And in her own delightful voice (she should narrate audio books herself – I would listen to them) she directed me kindly and firmly. Whispering encouragement into my ear, spotting mispronunciations, giggling at my frustration when I hit yet another tongue twister (my love of alliteration is a real bugger when it comes to reading out loud) and sweetly getting me to re-record without feeling like a fool when I made regular bloopers – with instructions like ‘that was lovely Trudy but I think it should be Shelliqua sat down not shut down’. And she knew when I needed to stop and have a cuppa, as well as the right time to urge me to pick up the pace to finish off a chapter strong.

After I took off the headphones, TK’s real job started; she had a bunch more work to do on the files themselves. She worked her postproduction magic like the maestro she is and removed all the gaps, gasps, giggles, gurgles, throaty trills and nasal nasties; the result is a very professional audio book that I think people will enjoy.

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