Come visit because Anguilla really is as beautiful, welcoming and special as it appears on the BBC 2 show An Island Parish Anguilla.

If you would like to come on holiday (that’s the way we Brits say plan a vacation my American chums) to Anguilla – our visitor guide True Anguilla is a great starting point. It celebrates what people say attracts them to the island : The Beaches (33 pristine, powder white, public) and the things that keep them coming back: The People (independent, friendly, empowered) and The Food (over 100 different restaurants and a  myriad of food trucks and BBQ stands.

It’s packed with info about places to stay, people to meet, things to do and what to eat and imbibe – so if you want to visit Anguilla, check out

If you would like to do an island tour and visit some of the places featured in An Island Parish Anguilla, please contact island expert Mimi Gratton at Blue Sea Anguilla.

Other resources include the Anguilla Tourist Board and these 2 excellent blogs:  Nori Evoy’s Anguilla Beaches and Shellecia Brooks Johnson’s My Anguilla Experience.