I am a British born writer and bon vivant. I’ve always tried to enjoy life to the fullest and although I loved my previous homes in Wiltshire and London I can honestly say I changed my life for the better when I moved to a tiny paradise, called Anguilla, in the British West Indies, having fallen deeply in love with it on sight.

12 years later and I still adore my island home and as well as writing novels, I write and publish an annual magazine called True Anguilla – that celebrates and promotes Anguilla and her people. It’s a nice way to earn a modest living.

I have completed my first novel and am currently writing the second. Annette Crossland and Bill Goodall of A for Authors are my Agents.   Recently my lifestyle and quest to be published featured in the BBC 2 show An Island Parish Anguilla.

I am a proud member of the Anguilla Lit Fest team. This wonderful event attracts best selling writers, poets, readers and thinkers from all over the world and is a must for anyone who loves books and beaches. If you need a little help or encouragement to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) why not put it in your diary and plan to come and join us, you wont regret it!