This is an extract from my novel, Life Needs the Caribbean. Here is little background:

Charlotte – aka Charlie, is on honeymoon but is a bit sad, because husband Graham is being moody and distant – he dosent like the quiet nature of their luxury hotel at all. But things have started to look up since they meet an American couple, Chad and Marvel– who are very familiar with the island – and who offer to take them out to explore…

The girls climbed out of the car and gazed at the view. A wide bay stretched in front of them and Charlie thought she had never seen so many different colours in one landscape before. In the water, the natural pattern formed by coral reefs and white sand combined to create an amazing kaleidoscope of green, blue and turquoise shades. The sandy beach was fringed with green and yellow coconut trees and a number of colourful, wooden buildings that operated as bars. At the eastern end of the bay there was a large richly hued concrete structure; decorated three different shades of bright blue, which Marvel explained was the village school, the western end was dominated by a cluster of small buildings painted a myriad of pastel shades that Chad said was a boutique hotel.  Moored in the water and pulled up onto the beach were over 100 boats – all different shapes and sizes and in many stages of repair. In the middle a long, pale grey jetty, which a bunch of small children in shorts and tee-shirts were using as a playground – hanging off ropes and jumping, diving and tumbling into the sparkling water – and beyond them a tiny island. A slither of white and green with its silouette of spiky trees and pointy roofs , just about breaking the waves.

After grabbing their beach bags the group walked down and onto the jetty to hail the water taxi. Charlie took photos of the other three standing at the end – cradled by the bay and wrapped in glorious technicolor. She wanted a record of such a happy day and to be able to remind herself when she got back to post Honeymoon London – that such a riot of colours existed.

Now fast forward to inside the island restaurant. The foursome meet up with a group of local friends. Graham ignores Charlotte – preferring to talk business with the guys – so she spends lunch listening to the Soca band and chatting to a local business man called Chix…

“I’m so glad you sat by me Chix – I would have been bored otherwise. Mind you I can’t be bored listening to this music. I love it. “

“So does that lady over there!” He pointed to a short, plump middle-aged blonde whose big blue eyes were fixed adoringly on her partner and whose slightly mad blonde curls bounced comically to the music.  She was dancing up a storm with her partner; a much taller, broad shouldered, bald headed black guy who didn’t appear to mind that his girlfriend was more enthusiastic than skilled on the dance floor. Every time he twirled her round she giggled in joy, showing a glimpse of her large bottom, barely covered by a leopard print bikini, to the watching diners. She didn’t seem to be worried about her modesty at all, she was far to absorbed in her man.

“She looks so happy,” Charlie said wistfully,

“Yes she does. She’s certainly thrown herself into island life, “he chortled and watched the couple knowingly, clearly entertained by the holiday romance. “I know the guy, he does a lot of fishing, and she looks quite familiar, can’t quite place her…” Trailing off he turned his attention to her and held out a hand in invitation. “Like to dance? I love this song.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Ariel shot of Prickly Pear Island by Kevin Archibald.

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